The Elegance of Oud | The most exquisite fragrances to gift this Eid

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Welcome to the enchanting realm of Oud elegance, where the aromatic tapestry of rare and exquisite oud fragrances unfolds. Embark on a sensory journey that transcends time and culture, as we explore the captivating world of oud.



This fragrance is an explosion of aromatic bliss, enhanced by delicate floral notes that create a captivating twist into the distinctive richness of oud. Ajmal's Oud essence encapsulates the various dimensions of smoky, leathery oud, complemented by the distinctive magnolia and lilybelle accord, lending the fragrance a uniquely aquatic quality, that you'll be obsessed with. 


INITIO PARFUMS PRIVÉS | Oud For Greatness Eau de Parfum

Experience the epitome of luxury with Oud for Greatness, your ultimate choice for an indulgent oud fragrance. The natural Oud essence takes an unexpected turn with a refreshing hint of lavender. Nuances of saffron and nutmeg elevate the scent, making it truly addictive. And, of course, the bottle itself is a symbol of opulence, adorned in stunning black and gold. This fragrance isn't just to wear; it's a statement piece, that you'll be proud to display.




Chopard Oud Malaki

Perfect for a seamless day-to-night transition, a few spritzes of this fragrance will keep you enveloped in its allure for as long as you need. Oud Malaki introduces itself with soft lavender and lively grapefruit notes, transforming into a captivating blend of oud and tobacco, offering a spellbinding olfactory journey, without being overpowering.




OJAR | Infusion Velours Absolute Perfume Oil

Infused with vibrant blackberry, raspberry, and cinnamon, Ojar adds a playful twist to the conventional oud experience. Anchored by a base of patchouli and incense, this captivating fragrance takes on a smoky dimension, framing its more lively notes with a touch of allure.



LA MAISON J.U.S | Coffeeze Parfum

This distinctive blend ensures a sensory experience unlike any other. The essence of oud blends seamlessly with the bold bitterness of coffee, forging a sophisticated fusion unparalleled in its uniqueness. Enhanced by the graceful presence of sandalwood and patchouli notes, Coffeeze effortlessly checks all the boxes for an exceptional oud experience.




Vibrant and contemporary, this oud fragrance embodies exotic sophistication. A combination of the essence of oud, incense, saffron, and ginger - with Turkish rose in the heart, for a seriously addictive sweetness. This is the fragrance to wear if you want to make a lasting impression.


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