Carine Roitfeld

Seductive memoirs in a bottle by iconic French style muse

BDK Parfums

Fine fragrances inspired by Paris and Côte d'Azur

Carine Roitfeld - Former Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Paris turned fine fragrance designer.

Daring and intriguing, her scents invite you into her diary about seven unforgettable lovers around the world. Each bottle in the unisex 7 Lovers collection takes you on a passionate journey with a different man – the perfume equivalents to watching a film or reading a book.

Indulge in floral hints of violet leaf and jasmine that narrate romantic escapades with George in London. Or feel the energy of Carine Roitfeld dancing the tango with Sebastian in Buenos Aires, as told by the sultry notes of sandalwood and creamy vanilla. For the wearer, Carine Roitfeld fragrances ooze romance, adventure and personality, so whilst sporting these don’t be afraid to write your own story.


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