How to mix and match the most masculine scents

Words by: Lauren Carbran    |    Estimated reading time: 3 mins



Guys, what’s better than one fine fragrance? Two, of course. This month, we’re mixing things up and spritzing double - and think you should too. Here’s how to sport the fragrance layering trend with the most irresistible, masculine scents (you’re welcome)…

The first step: get friendly with fragrance families

Fragrance families are the main olfactory groups that characterise different smells. Each fragrance family represents certain ingredients to match your personality and style, so we like to think of it as the start of your fragrance journey. 

Meet the main fragrance families: floral, citrus, aquatic, fruity, chypre, fougere, oriental, woody and aromatic.

How to pick your perfect pair

As you embark on your scent duo quest, here’s what you need to know. To start, it’s worth noting which fragrance families are a match made in perfume heaven. As a general rule, deep, intense aromas found in woody men’s fragrances contrast beautifully with sweet, airy florals. Whilst tangy, refreshing citrus scents mingle naturally with cooling aquatic fragrances.

Don’t forget to take your lifestyle and personality into account. If you’re sporty and adventurous, reach for citrus, aquatics and florals. Or for the creative and outgoing type, fruity, gourmand and oriental scents are calling your name. 

Remember, it might take some trial and error, but when you find your scented soulmates it’ll be worth the wait. 

The key to mixing it up: fragrance layering

Now, it’s time to layer your staple scents – the real art of mix and matching. There are many ways to layer your fragrance, but we suggest wearing two complementing scents alongside each other. This enhances the overall aroma and keeps you smelling sensational from all angles.

Top tip: apply your fine fragrances to your pulse points (wrists, neck, elbow and behind the knees) – these areas radiate heat, strengthening the smell and making them last even longer.

Our advice? Have fun with your fragrance layering and be experimental – there’s no right or wrong combination. 

Your bespoke male fragrance matches

We’ve handpicked the most masculine blends to apply alongside each other. Prepare to wow with these unique combos…

Laboratorio Olfattivo Sacreste Parfums Frapin Checkmate

Sensual and spicy meets zesty and crisp with this standout duet. Spray Sacreste first and let the black pepper and saffron dance on your skin.

Then, introduce the Italian bergamot and lemon found in Checkmate for a swift energy boost.

This is just the concoction to gear you up for those dress to impress moments.


BDK Parfums Citrus Riviera Eau de Parfum x Obvious Un Poivre Eau de Parfum

If this isn’t the perfect fine fragrance equation, we don’t know what is.

Both infused with luscious gourmand notes, they’re practically perfume twins – so much so you’ll probably have fragrance FOMO when you don’t spray them together.

Citrus Riviera oozes fig, lemon and strawberry, transporting you straight to the South of France.

Then you’ve got Un Poivre to thank for its pungent bolt of cinnamon, ginger and pink pepper. Just incredible!