Parisian fragrance house BDK Parfums presents 312 Saint-Honoré

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BDK Parfums' 312 Saint-Honoré celebrates the opening of the House’s first boutique in Paris.

A creation with a delicate, captivating trail of pink peppercorn, white musk and orange blossom. Inspired by the emblematic raw materials that compose the address: glass, concrete and white Burgundy stone. 

“BDK Parfums was officially launched in June 2016, and it has always been evident from the beginning that we would one day have our own boutique. Over all these years, we have managed to build a clientele passionate about fine fragrances, and we are starting, with humility, to be known and recognized in the industry. Being able to provide our customers with a true olfactory experience in line with the values and aspirations of the Maison was important for the brand’s development.

For the opening of my first flagship store in Paris, I wanted to celebrate this new chapter with a creation in honour of this Parisian address.

The inspiration of this perfume comes from the raw materials that were selected to create the boutique : the glass of the window, the concrete and the white stone from Bourgogne which bring some freshness and light into the space. They give all together a mineral design approach, like the perfume.

312 Saint-Honoré is composed of pink peppercorn notes for an addictive spicy opening. At the heart of the fragrance, white musks, amber musks and lactones mingle with the freshness of orange blossom. In the base notes, you will find a sensual and animalic accord.

With Alexandra Carlin, we imagined a fragrance that could be worn at any time of the day and for all seasons."

David Benedek - Brand Founder



Woody - Musky - Floral

BDK Parfums presents 312 Saint-Honoré, a woody, musky skin fragrance that combines freshness and sensuality. A creation with a delicate, captivating trail of pink peppercorn, white musk and orange blossom. 

“The boutique is a perfect urban haven for the Maison's creations, while at the same time a refuge from the hustle of Parisian life. I imagined a fragrance in its image, at once intimate, inviting us to reconnect with ourselves, and luminous, open to the outside world.

312 Saint-Honoré is a sensual, mineral and musky creation, a fragrance for yourself, a skin perfume, carnal but very vertical, where I use and abuse of ambery woody notes. Sensuality also expresses the way I feel about Paris. The fusing pink peppercorn and its peppery leaf, almost incense-like, illuminate the start of the fragrance and are a nod to the sparkling glass that adorns the boutique."

Perfumer - Alexandra Carlin