New year, New fragrance:
why now is the time to switch up your scent

Words by: Lauren Carbran    |    Estimated reading time: 3mins



Hello 2022! A new year signifies a fresh start, so there’s nothing better to snag now than a sublime scent. Ready to find your fine fragrance match for 2022? Here’s why to start your search now… 


You may not have thought about it before, but investing in a new perfume is the perfect way to mark a new year. After all, your sense of smell is so closely linked with how you feel, so it’s time to choose a scent that gears you up for the year ahead. Not sure where to start? 2022 calls for a refreshing elixir, so shower yourself with joy and positivity via these invigorating accords: citrus, aquatic, mint and florals.

PARFUM MUSE recommends:  Goldfield & Banks | Pacific Rock Moss | Perfume Concentrate

Just the spritz to start your 2022 venture, this mixes aquatic accord and lemon which transport you to the sparkling shores of New South Wales. 


Let’s be honest, we all need a bit of a boost around New Year (whether that’s courtesy of your NYE hangover or lack of winter sun). Enter your snazzy new scent, which is as much of a mood-booster as it is a luxury treat. And as spraying fragrances taps into the part of our brain called the olfactory cortex (where our emotions and memories are stored), it can really make a difference to your day and how you feel. So when you next need a pick-me-up, look to perfume for that wellbeing fix.

PARFUM MUSE recommends:  La Maison J.U.S | Gingerlise | Eau de Parfum

Say hello to this upbeat concoction featuring punchy ginger and bright bergamot (which are a match made in fine fragrance heaven, if we say so ourselves).


Starting a new year can feel overwhelming and nerve-wracking, but you can count on fragrance to give you that much-needed confidence boost. That’s right, inhaling your own scent works wonders – it can relax, empower and put a spring in your step. We love fruity ingredients like berries and lime or gourmand accords such as caramel and cocoa to make you smile.

PARFUM MUSE recommends:  Elie Saab | Le Parfum Lumière | Eau de Parfum

This is a confidence boost bottled, thanks to its radiant blend of mandarin essence, ylang-ylang and jasmine. We’re obsessed.


A scent switch-up for 2022 is the self-care treat you didn’t know you needed. Just like buying a sassy new outfit, fragrance can make you feel super-special. So much more than a charming bottle and elegant smell, a fine fragrance is an invitation to be transported far, far away. Usually, when we smell certain notes, we’re taken back to specific experiences and nostalgic memories – so don’t be surprised if you’re whisked away to an exotic beach or flower garden after spraying your new scent. Delightful..

PARFUM MUSE recommends:  Parfums de Marly | Oriana | Eau de Parfum

Meet this seriously stunning scent. Featuring a sparkling concoction of mandarin, blackcurrant, raspberry and fluffy marshmallow (yes, you read that right), it’s indulgent and addictive.