Parfum Muse trend report:
aquatic scents and how to wear them

Words by: Lauren Carbran    |    Estimated reading time: 3mins



If you’ve not discovered the world of aquatic fine fragrances until now, you’re in for a treat. The most refreshing, upbeat scents on the scene, these water-inspired beauties are pure escapism in a bottle. Read on to discover your summer saviours… 

Aquatic fine fragrances: the lowdown

Aquatic fragrances are inspired by water, oceans, coastline breezes and beaches. Some of the dreamiest scents out there, each concoction offers something different – some ooze icy and minty accords, whilst others are salty and sun-kissed. Whichever you opt for, one thing’s for sure – the intense freshness is like no other. Top tip: look out for accompanying notes of citrus fruits, florals and woods in these elixirs, which were made to be worn together. 

Why are they trending now? 

Summer is the perfect excuse to start afresh with your fragrance, which is why aquatic fragrances are having a moment right now. Whether you’re dreaming of jet-setting away or looking for a perfume to pop in your suitcase, they’re the ideal travel accessory. Plus, with the limitations on travel over the last year, what could be more perfect?


La Maison J.U.S Ambraser Eau de Parfum

Heart notes of sea salt accord transport you to a white sand beach, whilst cedarwood and bergamot offer an elegant touch. Think VIP luxury beach retreat. Aquatic yet intense, consider this hot girl summer in a bottle. 

How to wear it: On a yacht sailing over crystal clear waters, or if you’re stuck on the sofa then spritz it whilst manifesting this. 


Laboratorio Olfattivo Salina Eau de Parfum

This is your perfume passport to a tropical retreat. We’re talking remote island, sapphire blue sea and the warmth of the sun on your skin. It opens with tangy lemon peel, followed by nuances of marine salt and hot sand accord. Utter bliss. 

How to wear it: The only thing you’ll need with this is a sun lounger, your favourite book and a pink lemonade.  


Parfums Frapin Isle of Man Eau de Parfum

Bold and standout, Isle of Man mixes notes of salt, basil and freesia. This unique trio evoke a walk along an ocean-beaten coastline. If you’re into aquatic smells that remind you of exploring, this one’s for you.

How to wear it: On an adventure – where will it take you? 


Laboratorio Olfattivo Need_U Eau de Parfum

A cocktail of sea sprays, Italian lemons and sandalwood, this is an alluring aquatic pick. It’s a little flirty, so spritz this for summer romance vibes. This is one you’ll want to sport way beyond the warm weather season. 

How to wear it: Spray it on your pulse points (elbow, neck, wrists and even belly button) for maximum impact. This is where heat radiates, naturally enhancing your scent.  


BDK Parfums Nuit De Sable Eau de Parfum

Unapologetically sexy and summery, Nuit De Sable is an aquatic fragrance that’ll get heads turning. It blends hot sand accord (which smells as delightful as it sounds) with Indonesian nutmeg and Turkish rose. Warning: this is easily addictive.

How to wear it: With your most stylish summer outfit and sassiest sunglasses.