Parfum Muse trend report:
scrumptious gourmand spritzes that smell like winter desserts

 Words by: Lauren Carbran    |    Estimated reading time: 3mins


Over and out, Autumn. Hello Winter! As we embrace the new season of frosty walks, fluffy socks and pumpkin spice lattes, it’s time to curl up with these warm, spicy scents (they’re as cosy as a cashmere sweater). Our curated edit of the most luxurious winter picks awaits…

BDK Parfums Rouge Smoking | Eau de Parfum
Smells like: Black Forest gateau
The lowdown: Oozing hints of rich cherry, creamy vanilla and juicy pink berries, this one’s succulent and sweet. Inspired by a glamorous woman who resides in Pigalle, Paris, allow Rouge Smoking to transport you to a boutique patisserie filled with decadent desserts and captivating cakes. 

Laboratorio Olfattivo Alambar | Eau de Parfum
Smells like: Chocolate pudding 
The lowdown: Mouth-watering, intense and exotic, Alambar is the olfactive equivalent to a gooey chocolate pudding, complete with a dash of cinnamon and vanilla ice cream, of course. The perfume features cocoa, amber, cinnamon and vanilla that form a lingering trail behind you. This indulgent, gourmand spritz will forever be your guilty pleasure. 

Parfums Frapin 1270 | Eau de Parfum
Smells like: Classic Christmas pudding 
The lowdown: Christmas fragrance goals, right here. Get ready to be enchanted by this fabulously festive and utterly addictive scent. Parfums Frapin 1270 expertly mingles nuts, raisins, candied orange, vanilla and white honey to create a scented ode to a Christmas pudding. What could be more perfect?

BDK Parfums Citrus Riviera | Eau de Parfum
Smells like: Lemon drizzle cake 
The lowdown: Partial to a lemon drizzle cake? Thought so. Meet the citrus-spiked scent that’s so refreshing and juicy, it’ll remind you of your favourite festive dessert. This zingy, energising blend combines Italian lemon with mandarin, neroli and orange blossom, so prepare your senses for a totally tangy overload. Warning: you’ll want to spray Citrus Riviera 24/7.

Elie Saab Girl of Now | Eau de Parfum
Smells like: Pear and pistachio frangipane tart 
The lowdown: Foodies, this one’s for you. Imagine freshly poached pears, creamy pistachio and orange zest layered onto a buttery frangipane tart. That’s what Elie Saab Girl of Now smells like. At first, you experience nuances of sparkling pear and roasted pistachio, then the orange blossom and bitter almond accords come through. Christmassy without being overbearing, this is the perfect blend of standout yet delicate.