Parfum Muse trend report :
unisex fine fragrances that make the perfect Autumnal spritz

 Words by: Lauren Carbran    |    Estimated reading time: 3mins



Gender-free fragrances are nothing new, but they’re becoming more mainstream by the day. After all, why should your daily spritz be defined by a label? If you’re ready to try a luxurious unisex this Autumn, here are the hottest picks to snag right now…

How unisex fragrances sit on the skin

Just like male and female fragrances, unisex scents develop differently on individual skin types – this can be down to the pH level of your skin, hormones and even your diet. Most commonly, oily skin tends to amplify fragrance, so seek out refreshing scents from citrus, aquatic or floral fragrance families. On the other hand, dry skin types crave strong, intense aromas that work hard to last longer – think oriental, gourmand and spicy scents that really pack a punch.

Genderless fragrances: the trend

You may know unisex fragrances for being super-trendy, niche and upmarket, but they actually have deep roots in history. Back in Ancient Egypt, fragrance rituals and oils were created for everyone, whilst in the Middle Ages scents were used for medicinal purposes, pampering (in public baths) and scented water rituals with no gender labels in sight. Fast-forward to the late 1800s and fragrance advertising started targeting men and women separately, as women would invest more time and money into their beauty regimes. So next time you see a unisex fine fragrance, don’t rule it out – perfume was created to be worn by everyone, no matter the ingredients.

BDK Parfums Rouge Smoking Eau de Parfum

This unisex fragrance smells just like a delicious dessert parlour – it’s filled with cherries, pink berries and a dash of creamy vanilla. Yum! Playful and heady, douse yourself with this to stand out from the crowd. You’ll also love the dreamy base of tonka bean and musk that really sticks around. Whether you’re mingling at a bar, dressing to impress for a black tie shindig or just wanting to smell smoking hot, this genderless pick is a no-brainer.



Laboratorio Olfattivo Nerosa Eau de Parfum

We like to think of this as an ode to a chai latte on a crisp autumnal morning. First up, you’ve got deep, intense spices of clove, saffron and nutmeg, followed by earthy hints of vetiver and patchouli. Don’t fret – floral hues of rose and ylang-ylang keep things fresh, so you can easily wear this from day to night this season.




La Maison J.U.S Coffeeze Eau de Parfum

Coffee and oud take starring roles in this unisex fine fragrance. With accompanying notes of sandalwood and incense, this evokes a cosy night in by the wood burner (slippers compulsory). We like to call it hygge in bottle because it smells just as cosy as a knitted jumper. The best part? Expect this to last for hours upon end. Perfection.




Chopard Black Incense Malaki Eau de Parfum

Warning: this unisex fragrance contains some serious spice. And just as the name hints, it’s deep, dark and fiery. It unveils layers of clary sage, cumin and cinnamon straight away, before hitting you with volcanic frankincense, cedarwood and oud. All we can say is…wow! A true treat for the senses, this is nothing short of an autumnal masterpiece. Smelling sensual and confident is a must this season, so this scores top marks from us.