Spotlight on J.U.S Sexycrush: an expert guide to spritzing upcycled perfume

Words by: Lauren Carbran    |    Estimated reading time: 3mins


Spotlight on J.U.S Sexycrush: an expert guide to spritzing upcycled perfume

The trendiest movement in the beauty sphere right now? Upcycled fragrances (AKA ones that repurpose ingredients and materials). Merging sustainability and luxury perfume, the craze is only just starting – and it’s set to be a big one. So meet the scent making a serious statement for 2021, J.U.S Sexycrush. From why you need to grab it to how to wear it, here’s the lowdown…

What is an upcycled perfume?

An upcycled fragrance is simply one that has been created from renewable old materials to make a new product. This could be in the form of recycled perfume bottles and raw materials that would otherwise have gone to waste. As sustainable is the new cool, upcycled perfumes are encouraging fine fragrance fanatics to lower their carbon footprint. 

J.U.S Sexycrush: the fragrance of the moment 

Renowned for being the most eco-friendly spritz, J.U.S Sexycrush is setting the sustainability bar high. Indulge in the spicy, passionate blend of Indian oud, creamy vanilla, rich wood and sweet rose that mingle on your skin. We can verify that it lasts for hours, so choose this for garden parties, date nights and black tie shindigs. You’ll be blown away by the chic black bottle, which is in keeping with the brand’s vintage and pop art feel (it’s practically a piece of art). Standout and sexy, what more could you ask for?

An upcycled perfume hero

What we love most about the upcycled J.U.S Sexycrush is that it doesn’t compromise on quality. In fact, the concept of upcycling in perfumery is that it produces concoctions and packaging of higher value. Sexycrush blends renewable vanilla and raw ingredients chosen for being zero-waste, whilst the bottle is refillable and reusable too. This is guilt-free fragrance at its best.  

How to wear J.U.S Sexycrush

Editor, Lauren Carbran, gives her top tips on making the most out of this upcycled perfume…

“J.U.S Sexycrush is a signature scent contender as it’s so versatile and premium. I love how powerful the blend is, yet there’s something warm and relaxing about it too.

When applying Sexycrush, spray it onto your wrists and neck – but remember that other pulse points of the body (where you generate heat) can also intensify your perfume. When perfume is absorbed into these warmer areas, it produces an enhanced, prolonged aroma. Try it for yourself – spray Sexycrush on your inner elbow, behind your earlobe, on your belly button or inside your knees. The result? An intense scent that won’t need to be topped up throughout the day.

Warning: Sexycrush smells so good, you’ll want to bathe in it. But since you can’t (sob), look to spray your clothes with it. This adds an extra dimension and layer to your scent that lasts from morning til night (the fibre in your clothes will make it long-lasting). As the oil concentration in our skin retains perfume at different levels, this is a great hack for anyone who doesn’t feel fragrance lasts well on them.

Upcycled fragrance deserves to be more mainstream, so let J.U.S Sexycrush inspire you to shop sustainably for other beauty essentials.”

Why is it trending now? 

We like to call J.U.S Sexycrush the new generation of perfume. Why? It uses upcycled ingredients, it’s unisex and just what we need to live a sustainable lifestyle.

We love all things planet-conscious at PARFUM MUSE, which is why all perfumes are beautifully packaged in fully recyclable boxes.