The history behind the most luxurious perfume ingredients

Words by: Lauren Carbran    |    Estimated reading time: 3mins


The history behind the most luxurious perfume ingredients

Just when you thought your signature scent couldn’t get any more chic, it’s time to discover its backstory. A history lesson you’ll definitely want to pay attention to, here’s how the most premium ingredients landed on your dressing table. From ancient traditions to modern day must-haves, meet the fine fragrance notes that have travelled through time…

1. Rose

Rose’s status as the perfume queen is nothing new. Romantic and passionate, too much of it is still not enough (in our eyes, anyway). This dreamy note was symbolic of being high-class in the Roman times – think rose garland accessories, pillows and mattresses stuffed with rose petals and rose water fountains in courtyards. Of course, this essential oil was known as being a love potion too. A popular aphrodisiac, even desserts were inspired by the bloom. These days, the staple English flower garden note trends each year with variations such as Turkish rose, Damask rose, Rose de Mai and Rosa Centifolia oozing femininity and charm. From light, airy blends to rich, powdery concoctions, rose perfumes channel that happily ever after vibe. 

Spritz Rose In:

Laboratorio Olfattivo Rosamunda 100ml EDP

Experience rose in a new light. This spicy-floral combination champions notes of rose leaf, Bulgarian rose and Turkish rose with added oud and saffron.

La Maison J.U.S Rosamonda 75ml EDP

Unisex rose scents are big news for S/S21. Reach for this and watch the Rosa Centifolia and Damask rose sparkle with hints of blackcurrant. Plus, the upcycled, refillable bottle is a work of art. 

2. Bergamot

Sure, bergamot doesn’t make the cut to your fruit bowl, but it’s certainly mainstream in the perfume world. Bergamot (a yellow or green citrus fruit that’s the size of an orange) adds tanginess, elegance and freshness to fragrance – a smell you may recognise if you’re partial to an Earl Grey tea, which the fruit features in. So where did the hype begin? Named after the Italian city of Bergamo, it was in the early 18th century that people started using bergamot cologne. With antiseptic and pain-relieving properties too, it was hailed a medicinal wonder for treating fever and healing wounds. Nowadays, bergamot is mainly grown in southern Italy, where about 80% of the fine fragrance oil is produced. Guaranteed to keep you energised all day, it blends perfectly in both spicy and fruity perfumes. 

Spritz Bergamot In:

Laboratorio Olfattivo Nerotic 100ml EDP

Zesty tones of bergamot and grapefruit mingle with warm saffron and sandalwood, forming a hypnotic trail. This will grab everyone’s attention around you.

Laboratorio Olfattivo Vanhera 100ml EDP

With playful notes of bergamot and pink pepper, you can rely on this to uplift you in the day. To mix things up for evening adventures, it also features vanilla, cinnamon and sandalwood. Versatile and addictive, you won’t have smelt anything like it.  

3. Tonka Bean

If you’ve ever obsessed over an almond, vanilla and caramel-like scent, chances are you’ve inhaled a tonka bean perfume. Gourmand and indulgent, tonka bean fragrances make your mouth water after one sniff, whether they’re mixed with sweet or spicy notes. Grown on the Dipteryx Odorata tree in South America, these shrivelled black beans were first discovered by French perfumers in 1793. After realising how diverse and bold this base note could really be, it quickly became the DNA of their perfume creations. Adding depth and luxury to every bottle, tonka bean is now the most divine fine fragrance ingredient to mainstream and niche brands. 

Spritz Tonka Bean In:

BDK Gris Charnel 100ml EDP

Be transported to a place far, far away with luscious hints of iris, fig, black tea and Indian sandalwood. The hero base note of tonka bean adds a touch of mystery as it dances on your skin.

Laboratorio Olfattivo Cozumel 100ml

Explorer at heart? Experience tropical wafts of tonka bean here. Other standout smells include Vietnamese basil, Indian hemp and incense for some much-needed zen energy. Teleporting you to your peaceful place, you’ll be hooked on this right from the start.   


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