The most premium Oud fragrances to gift this Eid

Words by: Lauren Carbran    |    Estimated reading time: 3mins


The most premium Oud fragrances to gift this Eid


Eid is the time to gift something luxe to your nearest and dearest. Here we unveil the must-have oud fragrances to treat someone special to this year… 


BDK Oud Abramad Eau de Parfum

BDK Parfums Oud Abramad

Exotic and upbeat, this is a modern oud at its finest. Perfect for anyone who wants to leave a lingering trail wherever they go, this mixes oud, incense, saffron and ginger. Additionally, you can thank the heart notes of Turkish rose for that seriously addictive dose of sweetness. An Eid gift you’ll want to snag for yourself too, this one’s a winner in our books. 


JUS Sexycrush Eau de Parfum

La Maison J.U.S Sexycrush

Featuring a timeless trio of rose, oud and vanilla, this is pure romance in a bottle. Just the right balance of sensual and sweet, it smells as light as a feather on your skin. What’s more, all raw ingredients are ethically sourced, so it’s a guilt-free beauty pick. Reach for this for an eco-friendly Eid gift they’ll love receiving.




Chopard Oud Malaki Eau de Parfum

Chopard Oud Malaki

For an Eid present as exquisite as a piece of Chopard jewellery, look no further than Oud Malaki. A great day to night option, this fine fragrance opens with soft lavender and tangy grapefruit, followed by a mesmerising blend of oud and tobacco. Don’t fret, it might be intense but it’s not overwhelming (which can be the case for many oud fragrances) – just remember to spritz sparingly.




Laboratorio Olfattivo Nerosa Eau de Parfum

Laboratorio Olfattivo Nerosa 

Oud meets spicy gourmand accords in this gift-worthy pick. With a myriad of spices (such as clove, nutmeg and saffron), along with a floral frenzy of rose and ylang-ylang, this oud scent smells glamorous and dramatic. If you’re not sure who to gift this to, we’d recommend choosing someone confident, charismatic and ambitious.


Fresher fragrances for luxurious Eid gifts
Oud not their thing? Don’t fret, these energetic yet elegant scents tick all the boxes for Eid.



Parfums De Marly Greenley

This idea behind Greenley was to capture the scent of an enchanting spring garden. And once you inhale the crisp green apple, violet, oakmoss and cedarwood, it’ll transport you right there. Created for those who want to ooze an earthy freshness, opt for this to standout this summer.



BDK Gris Charnel Eau de Parfum

BDK Parfums Gris Charnel


Let us introduce you to your new fragrance obsession. This oozes juicy fig, creamy sandalwood and spicy black tea, evoking a backdrop of a waterfront promenade in Paris, where couples dance under the stars at night. Playful and adventurous, this Eid gift was made for the chic perfume wearer.



Looking for a bespoke Eid gift for fine fragrance lovers?

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