The top vegan scents that need to be on your wishlist this month

 Words by: Lauren Carbran    |    Estimated reading time: 3mins



Searching for a vegan fragrance? Add these guilt-free beauties to your collection. Here we bring you our hand-picked list of the most exquisite vegan products (that also smell outstanding), from invigorating scents to calming candles…

What is a vegan fragrance?

Vegan scents are ones that don’t feature a trace of animal-derived ingredients. You may not have thought about it before, but many products include notes such as honey, beeswax, musk (although nowadays a synthetic version can be replicated) and ambergris. As vegan fragrances don’t incorporate animal products, they’re also naturally cruelty-free. 

Parfum Muse: Top vegan fine fragrance picks

Goldfield & Banks

Vegan perfumes that whisk you off on an Australian adventure

Goldfield & Banks | Pacific Rock Moss

You may have seen this vegan scent around because, well, everyone’s talking about it. And we’re here to confirm it’s worth the hype. We can’t stop fangirling over the concoction of aquatic notes, lemon rock moss and sage, which transport you to azure seas in New South Wales. If you thought it couldn’t get more perfect, the brand are pioneers of sustainable scents, only combining ingredients sourced from the most premium farmers. Swoon.


Editor’s review: “Whether you’re vegan or want to dip your toe into vegan-friendly products, this one’s a winner. I love how Goldfield & Banks curate the highest quality vegan and cruelty-free fragrances that capture diverse landscapes around Australia – they truly tick all the boxes. Grab this now – there’s nothing more energising to spritz this winter.”


Goldfield & Banks | Desert Rosewood

Need a vegan fine fragrance to get you through the cold, drizzly days? Cue Desert Rosewood – the spicy unisex scent that brings you arid forests and hot desert vibes on a platter. Indulge in its rich elixir of vanilla, rosewood, nutmeg and cardamom which smell fiery and heady. Just looking at the bottle will be your perfume passport to Australia’s enchanting landscapes. Get ready to wow in this!

Editor’s review: “Exotic, fierce and woody, this literally smells like an adventure trail through the Victorian Central Highlands. The mandarin, desert rosewood and bergamot sparkle on your skin, whilst the benzoin (a vanilla smell) and nutmeg smell seriously delicious. Plus, if you’re into sustainable scents as well as vegan ones, you’ll love how this features a recyclable pump.”


Luxe vegan fragrances with an unpretentious, less is more vibe

OBVIOUS | Une Vanille Eau de Parfum

Your new vegan addiction is just a spritz away. Indulge in this soft, sweet elixir, which oozes Madagascan vanilla (dubbed the best smelling in the world), tonka bean and clean musks. If you’re looking for some winter sun in a bottle, allow this to whisk you off to an exotic beach. Simple yet invigorating, this sustainable pick should be top of your wishlist now.


Editor’s review: “Obvious fragrances aren’t just vegan, they’re biodegradable, refillable and 100% recyclable too. The brand solely uses green, raw materials in Une Vanille Eau de Parfum, with an objective to create a scent good for the body and soul too. The best part? The bottle has been made with a cap recycled from wine cork off-cuts. How cool?”


OBVIOUS | Une Fleur d'Oranger

Citrus fan? Let this be your scented soulmate. Packed with bergamot, neroli, sweet orange essence and orange blossom, it’s sweet, playful and elegant. Sport this vegan, unisex fragrance whenever you require a pick-me-up – it’ll definitely put a spring in your step.

Editor’s review: “It’s always a breath of fresh air to see premium, unfussy perfumes without fancy names and complicated designs. That’s why I’m a big Obvious fan. The smell of this one is second to none, thanks to its sensual, zesty and refreshing citrus nuances that you won’t be able to go anywhere without.”


Saint Fragrance London

Vegan-friendly, responsibly sourced candles that encourage you to escape and unwind

Saint Fragrance London | Balearic Isle

Ready, set, relax. Think of this vegan, escapist candle as your daily reminder to channel your inner zen. Welcome notes of coconut, amber and sandalwood that create a cosy, laid-back feel, reminiscent of tropical shores . Light it, put your feet up and have some ‘me’ time – there’s nothing more refreshing than slowing down.


Editor’s review: “As well as being vegan, Balearic Isle is 100% recyclable and manufactured responsibly (like the whole Saint Fragrance London collection). When I smell this, I’m guided to a sunset on the beach from a secluded viewpoint. This candle makes all the difference when it’s grey and rainy outside. Everyone needs one!”


Saint Fragrance London | Powdery Skies

Just as the name suggests, Powdery Skies evokes cloudy, brisk mornings. As soon as you curl up with the wafts of white tea, Virginian cedarwood and Indian ginger, it creates a scented blanket around you. Boasting 45-50 hours of burn time, it’s time to schedule many cosy nights in with your new favourite candle.



Editor’s review: “Meet one of the highest quality vegan candles around. I’d recommend using Powdery Skies when you want some TLC, whether that’s half an hour of mindfulness or to accompany your skincare ritual. I’m also a big fan of how minimalist and chic the grey candle containers are – just the thing my living room has been missing.”