The Winter Edit: Spicy scents to cosy up with

 Words by: Lauren Carbran    |    Estimated reading time: 3mins


Over and out, Autumn. Hello Winter! As we embrace the new season of frosty walks, fluffy socks and pumpkin spice lattes, it’s time to curl up with these warm, spicy scents (they’re as cosy as a cashmere sweater). Our curated edit of the most luxurious winter picks awaits…


Laboratorio Olfattivo Alambar | Eau de Parfum

Deep, intense and tangy – and that’s just the half of it. When it comes to Alambar, we could spritz this all day long. The lowdown? Bitter-sweet cocoa, bright bergamot and warm amber glow on the skin, whilst nostalgic nuances of vanilla and cinnamon envelop you in a creamy, comforting manner. This may be naturally spicy, but it’s calming too. In our opinion, it’s everything you’d want to smell of for winter and beyond.

Editor’s review: “If you’re looking for a spicy signature scent to snuggle up with, this is it. I love how it’s strong but soothing at the same time – just the thing to help me feel zen.”


BDK Parfums Oud Abramad | Eau de Parfum

Fiery, spicy scents are trending right now, so meet the fragrance on everyone’s winter wishlist. Oud Abramad is the olfactive equivalent to a spice rack, courtesy of its aromatic accords of saffron, ginger and cumin. It wouldn’t be a winning number for winter without the incense, agarwood and patchouli too. Looking for a niche fragrance that sticks to your skin as you battle the elements outside? This does just the trick, come rain, snow or ice. Whatever you’re up to this winter, you’ll smell alluring and enchanting.

Editor’s review: “There’s no doubt about it, Oud Abramad isn’t for the faint-hearted. Inspired by Prince Abramad from Orient, it’s regal, majestic and potent. You’ll have to try it for yourself to understand the hype.”


Obvious Un Poivre | Eau de Parfum

Promising to uplift and awaken your senses, Un Poivre is the punchy perfume calling your name. With a heady blend of Indian black pepper, pink pepper, ginger and cinnamon, this combines strength with complete elegance. Understated packaging, vegan standpoints, refillable bottles and 100% recyclable materials your vibe? Don’t consider anything other than an Obvious fragrance this season.

Editor’s review: “Spicy, but make it chic. I’ll be grabbing this fragrance for all those winter occasions, from movie nights to Christmas galas. Oh and its cap is made from wine cork off-cuts. How cool?”


Goldfield & Banks Desert Rosewood | Perfume Concentrate

A spicy unisex pick like no other, Desert Rosewood perfectly encapsulates the smell of a burning log fire. With juicy mandarin, festive nutmeg, rich benzoin (a vanilla-like accord) and desert rosewood (which transports you deep into Australia’s desert plains), this is made to be spritzed on those snowy duvet days.

  Editor’s review: “To me, this is the crème de la crème of sustainable fragrances. Goldfield & Banks prides itself of being eco-conscious from seed to scent and somehow this makes sporting Desert Rosewood even more delightful. I love how intense and comforting it smells – definitely one for winter.”