Carine Roitfeld Parfums: your perfume playlist for Autumn/Winter 2022

Words by: Lauren Carbran    |    Estimated reading time: 3mins
If you’ve not discovered Carine Roitfeld fragrances until now, you’re in for a treat. Former Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Paris turned fine fragrance designer, Carine has literally created a perfumed journal, also known as the 7 Lovers collection. Each bottle takes you through a romantic escapade with a different lover (who the fragrances are aptly named after) on her travels.
And it’s official, the Carine Roitfeld collection is on the hot list for Autumn/Winter winter 2022.
So sit back, relax and immerse yourself into these scented stories…
Sebastian | Eau de Parfum

Location: Buenos Aires

A rom-com in a bottle, Sebastian is the first chapter in Carine Roitfeld’s adventures. Opening with a pungent dose of Indian tuberose and sandalwood, this takes you to a café in the heart of Buenos Aires, where Carine is dancing the tango with her lover. As the creamy vanilla seeps into the equation, you can smell the tension and desire as their eyes meet. If you’re looking for a hypnotic scent for winter, let this lull you into a daze every time you inhale it.



Aurélien | Eau de Parfum

Location: Paris

This seductive scented memoir tells the tale of Carine’s Parisian love story. Strolling on the cobblestones amongst the orange trees near the Sacré-Cœur, they sway towards each other, Aurélien whispering poems about their blossoming romance into her ear. With standout notes of orange blossom, jasmine, black amber and myrrh, this smells just like winter in abundance.



Orson | Eau de Parfum

Location: New York

Next stop, New York. This fine fragrance is inspired by Carine’s passionate relationship with Orson, a man who consumes her thoughts wherever she goes – and so does his fragrance. Enveloped by his floral-oriental scent, she tries to focus on an artist painting in his studio, but it’s Orson that takes her breath away. The same elixir is captured in Orson eau de parfum, which oozes hawthorn flower petals, ylang-ylang, sandalwood and tonka bean. A mix of playful and passionate, this undeniably smells like a romance in a skyscraper city.



George | Eau de Parfum

Location: London

When it comes to George, you’ll be bewitched right from the start. Electric, earthy hints of violet leaf, rose, leather and oakmoss narrate two free-spirited souls colliding. He leads Carine through a hidden door in the back of a bookstore, leading them to a secret concert, his chypre scent forming a lingering trail behind him. They embrace to the sound of punk rock without a care in the world. One spritz of this and you’ll be transported to the exact same scene.



Kar-Wai | Eau de Parfum

Location: Hong Kong

Amongst the neon lights and dark alleyways of Hong Kong, Carine relives her passionate, irresistible spark with Kar-Wai. He hands her an osmanthus flower, which is the same sweet floral accord that opens in this. An ode to mysterious nights in the city, it also fuses smoked Longjing tea, vetiver, Turkish rose and cardamom that smell intriguing and daring. An addictive love potion, it’s not hard to see why everyone goes wild for Kar-Wai.




Vladimir | Eau de Parfum

Location: Saint Petersburg

Let this teleport you to Saint Petersburg, where a beautiful love story unfolds. Vladimir guides Carine to the majestic Mariinsky Theatre, where they slip into the wings of a dance rehearsal. Watching them warm up to Tchaikovsky, she becomes hypnotised by his sweet, heady amber scent. Inspired by this very moment, Vladimir eau de parfum offers a rush of grapefruit and sage from the get-go. At its beating heart, you’ll smell spicy cedarwood and geranium, whilst amber, vanilla and leather at its base boast intense staying power. There’s no doubt about it, you’ll want to unleash your inner explorer in this.



Lawrence | Eau de Parfum

Location: Dubai

Dubai is the backdrop for this exhilarating, whirlwind romance, told through leathery and spicy infusions. Taking cues from Middle Eastern markets filled with colourful silks, glazed pottery, spices and oud, this is magnetic and mysterious. Here, Carine recalls Lawrence picking up an oud fragrance and trickling two small drops onto her neck. Just as sensual and warm as this scene, Lawrence eau de parfum combines soft musk, an aromatic duet of coriander and saffron and a sultry dose of oud. This is the perfect pick for a date night scent this winter.