Everything you need to know about home fragrance zoning (and how to do it)

Words by: Lauren Carbran    |    Estimated reading time: 3mins


Everything you need to know about home fragrance zoning (and how to do it)

If there’s one wellness trend we’re sporting this season, it’s fragrance zoning. Just like your luxe perfume wardrobe, your home can be styled with its very own scented infusions. The result? A different ambiance, mood and energy in each room so you can decide where to focus, get creative or unwind. And with WFH becoming the new normal, never has there been a more appropriate time to give our homes a scented makeover. Sold? Here’s how to do it… 

What is fragrance zoning?

Also known as scent-scaping, the trend is all about dividing your home into different scent sections and moments, kitting out each room with a smell that reflects how you want to feel in it. Cue the power of fragrance – which can positively influence your emotions and feelings. 

The beauty of fragrance zoning is that it’s completely personal, so you can match each room’s vibe to your olfactive preference. 

Why it’s trending 

WFH is here for the long-run and whilst you may enjoy it, it’s easy to feel isolated, unmotivated and distracted around the house. Fragrance zoning is the perfect tool to subconsciously remind yourself that you’re back in a routine or ready to unwind (for example, try citrus accords in your work environment and floral tones around the living room). It’s no wonder the trend is booming, allowing people to finally feel motivated and uplifted at home.

How to fragrance zone in your home 

Here’s your home fragrance prescription, room by room.  

Office Space: Go-Getter Grapefruit 

Choose grapefruit for motivating yourself from 9-5. Fresh, zesty and a little playful, it’s known for improving focus and concentration, allowing you to kickstart your day with a positive attitude. 217 unread emails? No problem. 10 virtual meetings? Bring it on!  

Smell grapefruit in: Laboratorio Olfattivo Agrumeto Room Diffuser and Laboratorio Olfattivo Di-Vino Room Spray

Living Room: Lazy Lavender

When the grafting is over, you’ll want to unwind surrounded by tones of luscious lavender. The relaxing effect of lavender means you can differentiate your work space from your chill out area. Inhale this for instant calmness. Next on the agenda? Hibernating on the sofa.!  

Smell lavender in: Laboratorio Olfattivo Arancio In Fiore Room Spray 

Kitchen: Gourmand Goodies 

Enhance your kitchen’s aroma with a vanilla home fragrance. Its addictive trail may seem creamy and exotic on the surface, but after a while it’s calming and nostalgic. The benefits? Vanilla promotes feelings of harmony and sparks creativity, so get ready to feel inspired every time you walk in.  

Smell vanilla in: Laboratorio Olfattivo Vaniglia Nera Room Diffuser and Saint Fragrance London Powdery Skies 

Bedroom: Relaxing Rose  

A rose-scented bedroom is the chicest way to sport the fragrance zoning trend. Dress your cosy cocoon up with this dewy, velvety note to alleviate stress and anxiety as you fall asleep. Smelling rose has even been linked to slowing down the pulse rate, enabling deep relaxation. Plus, it perfectly compliments wafts of fresh linen, don’t you think?

Smell rose in: Saint Fragrance London Rose Whispers and Laboratorio Olfattivo Biancofiore Room Diffuser