How spritzing a fine fragrance can actually increase your wellbeing

Words by: Lauren Carbran    |    Estimated reading time: 3mins


 How spritzing a fine fragrance can actually increase your wellbeing

Newsflash: fragrance and wellness are more connected than you may think. That’s right, luxurious scents have the power to directly impact your mood.

Here’s how – we don’t just smell with our nose, our brain plays a key role in the experience too. When we inhale a fragrance, signals are sent to the olfactory cortex, where our memories are stored. Here, we connect these aromas with a familiar place, memory or emotion that hold a personal and often positive connection.

Ready to experience the power of perfume for yourself? Here’s everything you need to know…

Perfumes can calm the mind and body...

Neroli – the stress reducer

We like to call neroli the all-rounder of fragrance ingredients. That’s because it’s one of the hardest working essential oils - it can aid headaches (a remedy the French royal family swore by in the 1800s), help you unwind by releasing serotonin and even give you a better night’s sleep. If you’re looking for the scent of relaxation, this honeyed floral accord is your go-to.

Try neroli in: BDK Parfums Citrus Riviera Eau de Parfuman ode to the South of France, where sweet neroli meets zingy lemon and mandarin essence.

Lavender – the sleep saviour

No perfume note encourages inner zen quite like lavender. Best known for offering better sleep quality, this luscious plant also calms nerves and increases overall wellbeing. Top tip: when spritzing a lavender scent, take 3-5 deep breaths as part of your daily mindfulness regime.

Try lavender in: Parfums De Marly Pegasus Exclusif Eau de Parfumheart notes of lavender entwine with bitter almond and a burst of pink pepper.

They have the power to uplift... 

Citrus fruits – the mood enhancers

Ah, citrus fragrances – just one whiff and you’re transported to a balmy summer’s day. Vibrant, dewy and refreshing, these sun-kissed fruits (lemon, bergamot, grapefruit and orange are fragrance favourites) can actually brighten your mood. Giving you a natural energy boost, these essential oils contain high levels of chemical d-limonene, which can balance your mood and enhance concentration. Prepare for a spring in your step.

Try citrus fruits in: Parfums De Marly Greenleya blast of bergamot and mandarin make this an energetic, yet elegant spritz.

Green accords – the nostalgic notes

Green fine fragrances perfectly capture the great outdoors. They often remind you of woodland walks, lush meadows, forest paths and blooming gardens, thanks to ingredients like grass, violet leaves, tea leaves and mint. These tend to bring back childhood memories of exploring outside and immersing yourself in nature.

Try green accords in: Laboratorio Olfattivo Decou-Vert Eau de Parfumthis opens with fresh green leaves, followed by magnolia and musk.

Cedarwood – the smell of freedom

Imagine walking through the forest on a crisp morning as the sun beams through the trees – that’s what cedarwood smells like. This base note is piney, fresh and slight smoky, making you feel liberated and at one with nature. Plus, many associate cedarwood with Christmas time – just another reason the fine fragrance note is such a hit. Reach for this for an olfactive escape in a bottle.

Try cedarwood in: Laboratorio Olfattivo Arancio In Fiore Room Spraywarm cedarwood, white amber and rose make for the most vivacious home fragrance. 

Cocoa – the happiness booster

Craving chocolate? It’s just as fun in a fragrance bottle. In fact, inhaling cocoa has been found to trigger happy thoughts and relax you, so it’s no surprise people go wild for this gourmand ingredient. Cocoa is translated differently depending on which fragrance you choose – some are creamy and sweet, whilst others have bitter and bold nuances. Whichever you sport, one thing’s guaranteed – it’s utterly addictive.

Try cocoa in: Parfums Frapin 1270 Eau de Parfumthis features mouth-watering cocoa, vanilla and plum.

Jasmine – the confidence coach

Like your BFFE but in fragrance form, jasmine has the ability to uplift, give you a confident boost and make you feel super-special. Its scent is truly divine – an exotic, rich and sensual floral that whisks you away to a far-flung destination. Cue the tropical beaches and peachy pink sunsets.

Try jasmine in: Laboratorio Olfattivo Petali Di Tiare' Room Diffusera floral frenzy of jasmine and ylang-ylang.

Fragrances make you feel comforted... 

Vanilla – the hug in a bottle

A velvety vanilla perfume is the fragrance equivalent to a warm embrace. The key note in all oriental scents, it instantly conjures up memories of desserts, baking and family time. There’s nothing quite like these smooth, creamy elixirs, which are the ultimate way to treat yourself when seeking a chic fragrance.
Try vanilla in: Saint Fragrance London Sunday PapersMadagascan vanilla, orange blossom and a dash of sandalwood form this calming candle.

Iris – the ode to childhood

When you smell an iris perfume, you’re actually experiencing the flower’s roots (which take 3-4 years to mature). Effortlessly elegant, this floral-woody note releases a soft, powdery scent that makes heads turn. Reminiscent of childhood, family and friends, you’ll want to opt for iris for every happy occasion. 

Try iris in: La Maison J.U.S Sopoudrage Eau de Parfumsoft iris and powdery rose make this delicate, rich and punchy, all at the same time.