How to celebrate Australia Day in the form of fragrance

Words by: Lauren Carbran    |    Estimated reading time: 3mins



Australia Day falls on 26th January. The Australian public holiday marks the day British settlers arrived in Australia in 1788 and is best celebrated by flocking to the beach, enjoying a BBQ and waving the Australian flag. But whilst we can’t all be down under to mark the occasion, here’s how to honour it by transporting yourself to a scented Australian paradise…


Goldfield & Banks | Desert Rosewood | Perfume Concentrate

Be teleported to the scorching hot deserts of Australia in just one spritz. Desert Rosewood is your perfume ticket to the Great Victoria Desert, thanks to its rich, punchy combo of cardamom, nutmeg, desert rosewood and violet. There’s nothing more transportive to sport this Australia Day, especially if you’re stuck in completely the wrong season (yep, summer where are you?).


BDK Parfums | Nuit De Sable | Eau de Parfum

Summery and beachy, Nuit De Sable has Australia Day written all over it. Oozing Australian sandalwood, nutmeg and hot sand accord (yes, you read that right), you’ll be whisked away to the idyllic Whitsunday Islands. Grab it to uplift and energise you whenever you need a pick-me-up. We’ll be sporting ours on Australia Day whilst manifesting a beach holiday…


Goldfield & Banks | Pacific Rock Moss | Perfume Concentrate

Now, this is how to do Australia Day. Inspired by glistening waters of the New South Wales shoreline, Pacific Rock Moss is aquatic, refreshing and an escape in a bottle. Inhaling this evokes the sound of waves crashing upon the rocky coast, whilst the pink sunset turns into a balmy evening. The smell? Lemon, sea sprays and Australian coastal moss entwine to create a celebratory, solar and sparkling elixir.


Obvious | Un Patchouli | Eau de Parfum

Feast your eyes on this beauty, which takes you to faraway shores. This eco-friendly, vegan scent is where Australian sandalwood essence meets Indonesian patchouli and quite frankly, it’s the tropical duo of dreams. Warm, enveloping and playful, Un Patchouli puts you centre-stage wherever you are, so reach for this for Australia Day dinner parties, nights out or cosy evenings in.


Goldfield & Banks | Bohemian Lime | Perfume Concentrate

Bohemian Lime is a scented invitation to an Australian paradise - Byron Bay to be precise. This soulful beach town isn’t just a surfers’ hub, it’s also surrounded by tropical rainforests and enchanting waterfalls that attract adventure seekers. The zesty yet woody mix encapsulates the landscape beautifully, courtesy of Australian finger lime, mandarin and sandalwood. If you’re seeking a free-spirited fine fragrance for Australia Day (and beyond), this is your match. We’re hooked.