Mastering the art of fragrance
layering with Laboratorio Olfattivo

Words by: Lauren Carbran    |    Estimated reading time: 3mins


Mastering the art of fragrance layering with Laboratorio Olfattivo

If simply spraying perfume doesn’t quite cut it for you, look to fragrance layering to take it up a notch. Layering your perfume is a method of enhancing its smell by applying matching or complementary body products beforehand. The benefits? It strengthens your perfume’s key notes, makes it last longer and provides the most compliment-worthy smell. Here’s how to incorporate fragrance layering into your daily routine this spring, courtesy of Laboratorio Olfattivo…

Step 1: Use Fragranced Shower Gel

Fragrance layering starts in the shower. That’s right, washing with a perfumed shower gel lightly scents the skin, providing a sweet yet subtle base to kick things off. Ready to try it? Say hello to Laboratorio Olfattivo Nun shower gel, a dreamy spring-like mix of pear, neroli and lotus – ideal for pairing up with the original Nun fragrance. Rich in honey, plant proteins and hydrating hero D-Panthenol, it also leaves skin silky smooth and ready to smell irresistible.

Step 2: Moisturise With Scented Body Lotion

Fragrance-inspired body lotions – once a novelty, now a necessity. An easy way to raise your scent game this spring, apply a Laboratorio Olfattivo body lotion to your skin once it’s dry. The luscious, creamy texture helps retain moisture levels, locking in each delicate ingredient it oozes. Indulge in Laboratorio Olfattivo Cozumel body lotion, enriched with nourishing argan oil as well as bergamot and sandalwood. Top tip: massage this into your perfume points (wrists, neck, chest, elbows and knee caps) where heat naturally radiates, boosting the scent even more.

Step 3: Apply Your Fine Fragrance

Now for the fun part. Once you’ve pampered your skin, it’s time to spray a stunning scent to your perfume points. All hail Laboratorio Olfattivo Alambar, a mouth-watering blend of vanilla, cinnamon and cocoa for a playful, energetic vibe. Feeling adventurous? Try layering with two perfumes, applying the strongest scent first (with bold woody or aromatic notes), followed by a lighter pick (something aquatic or floral will do the trick). The fragrances we’re currently spritzing in unison are Laboratorio Olfattivo’s cedarwood-heavy Need U and Laboratorio Olfattivo Alambar MyLO with its zesty fusion of mandarin and lemon.

Step 4: Kit Out Your Home With A Luxurious Aroma

Go one step further with your fragrance layering this spring. Introducing Laboratorio Olfattivo diffusers and room sprays that surround your home with premium, niche elixirs. The best part: you’ll smell even more divine with these in the background. For the most elegant combinations, opt for the Laboratorio Olfattivo Biancofiore diffuser, releasing exotic hints of Tahitian rose, watermelon and coconut. The Laboratorio Olfattivo Agrumeto room spray is a game changer too, thanks to the refreshing orange, grapefruit and jasmine. Once you use these, you’ve officially mastered the art of fragrance layering. Prepare to smell chic 24/7.

Laboratorio Olfattivo Nun, Cozumel, Alambar and MyLO are available as a shower gel, body lotion and fragrance