Parfum Muse trend report:
the smells of Paris, bottled

Words by: Lauren Carbran    |    Estimated reading time: 3mins


PARFUM MUSE trend report: the smells of Paris, bottled

The Paris effect

Parisian perfumes are trending. Of course, French fragrances are already mainstream, but scents reminiscent of Paris are amongst the biggest talking points. Even BDK Parfums founder, David Benedek walks the streets of the French capital to find muses for his latest creations.“The streets of Paris inspire me when creating these unique, authentic perfumes,” he says. “I’m influenced by the aesthetic, colours, apartments, monuments and nostalgic atmosphere of the city, which is so specific to Paris.” So why is Paris big news now? Well, it could be thanks to the popularity of Netflix series Emily in Paris, that most of us binge watched in 2020 (guilty). Or maybe it’s the subtle hints to Parisian style seen on S/S21 catwalks – namely gingham checks, bucket hats and sharp tailoring.

Aromas of the city

Just being in Paris is an olfactive experience, which is why many perfumers choose to transport you there in one sniff. When a scent takes cues from the capital, expect hints of dewy red roses from fresh flower markets, gourmand wafts of coffee, macarons and cinnamon from al fresco cafés and the sweet, powdery smells of entering a designer boutique. “Urban smells inspire me a lot,” says David. “I love the scent of the famous roses in the Parc de Bagatelle, a park located in the 16th arrondissement in Paris. I also take inspiration from the smell of rain on the grass in the gardens of the Palais-Royal. When it comes to foodie aromas, warm hints of pastries and vanilla fillings are my favourite, just like the cream puffs from Popelini Patisserie.”

Perfumes that take you on a Parisian tour

BDK scents are fragranced tours around the capital, from city apartments to monumental flower gardens. Here are the ones that’ll whisk you off straight away…

BDK Bouquet de Hongrie 100ml

BDK Bouquet de Hongrie 100ml EDP

Playful and floral, this takes you to a fourth floor apartment balcony overlooking the lush gardens of Palais Royal. Think airy blends of roses and jasmine accompanied by soft amber.


BDK Pas Ce Soir 100ml

BDK Pas Ce Soir 100ml EDP

This deeper, mysterious blend is inspired by a madame at a cabaret bar in Place de la Concorde, one of the main public squares in Paris. Made to be worn in dimmed lighting and sensual atmospheres, you can’t help but love the trio of ginger, orange blossom and Moroccan jasmine. 


BDK Gris Charnel 100ml

BDK Gris Charnel 100ml EDP

A perfume with that je ne sais quoi, meet this bold, free-spirited spritz. The sandalwood, fig and black tea teleport you to Quai Saint-Bernard, the waterfront promenade that turns into an outdoor dance hall at night. As you inhale this, you’ll smell the passion of two people doing the tango under the stars.