Seeking some winter sun? Reach for these exotic Australian fragrances from Goldfield & Banks

 Words by: Lauren Carbran    |    Estimated reading time: 3mins


This season, Australian perfumes are having a moment. So meet the crème de la crème of winter sun scents from Goldfield & Banks. Boasting the most exquisite natural essences sourced sustainably from the country’s flora, each elixir is an ode to the beauty of Australia and its biodiversity. Sold? Read on to discover eight exotic unisex scents… 


Goldfield & Banks | Pacific Rock Moss 

Everyone’s talking about Pacific Rock Moss. Why? This best-seller has us starry-eyed at the sight of it. First up, the bottle is a charming nod to the azure waters of the Pacific Ocean. Next, the scent – an aquatic, refreshing infusion of Australian coastal moss, sea sprays and cedarwood, reminiscent of waves crashing upon rock fringed coastlines. It may be autumn where you currently are, but the beauty of this Australian scent is that you can relive summer all over again.  



Goldfield & Banks | Bohemian Lime

Anything inspired by Byron Bay has our stamp of approval. So Bohemian Lime, which is an ode to the tropical beach paradise, has us in awe. Taking cues from nearby lush rainforests and cascading waterfalls, its woody, spicy and citrussy. This certainly packs a punch, thanks to Australian finger lime, coriander, cedarwood and sandalwood. What’s more, all Goldfield & Banks fragrances have been tried and tested in extreme humid weather, so if you happen to be jetting off to an exotic rainforest this season, it’s guaranteed to stick around. 



Goldfield & Banks | Southern Bloom 

This is a tribute to the boronia flower, a bud native to Australia’s southernmost island, Bruny. Not heard of the bloom? It smells of apricot, raspberry and violet combined, making this incredibly juicy and refreshing. And as one of the most expensive perfume materials in the world, it won’t surprise you that Southern Bloom oozes charm, opulence and intensity. With exotic coconut and luscious blackcurrant making an appearance too, you’re bound to pick up some compliments in this. 



Goldfield & Banks | Wood Infusion

Picture yourself walking through the sandy beaches of Fraser Island as it leads into a dense, enchanting rainforest. That’s what Wood Infusion smells like. As the name hints, it’s intensely woody, airy and botanical, enriched with sandalwood, agarwood, iris and orange. There’s really nothing more appropriate to whisk you off to a far-flung location right now. Your adventure (in a bottle) awaits!



Goldfield & Banks | Desert Rosewood

Partial to a warm, spicy scent? Desert Rosewood is your ticket to deep into Australia’s desert plains. A heady, mystical blend of vanilla, cardamon, mandarin and rosewood sparkle on your skin, so much so that you’ll forget about those post-summer blues. If we say so ourselves, this is intoxicatingly good, so it might just make your heart race on first spritz. Scorching hot desert vibes sounds way more appealing than grey, windy days, right?



Goldfield & Banks | White Sandalwood

A winter sun vacation is only a spritz away, thanks to White Sandalwood. Bringing you Turkish rose, pepper from the Comoro Islands and a dash of thyme to start, you’ll notice it gives you an instant bolt of energy. Then comes the exotic dry-down – Australian white sandalwood, amber and saffron, which leave you with a warm, herbaceous aroma that’ll last hours on end. It’s so comforting, you’ll want to bathe in it.  



Goldfield & Banks | Blue Cypress

Let this be the inspiration for your winter sun holiday. Capturing the smell of the great outdoors, it fuses Australian Blue Cypress, lavender, eucalyptus and star anise for a crisp, green scent like no other. Intense and invigorating, it’s definitely not your average fine fragrance (nor is it for the faint-hearted). Teleporting you to a zen woodland retreat, you’ll want to keep Blue Cypress close to hand for when you need a feel-good spritz.



Goldfield & Banks | Velvet Splendour

Just like inhaling a bouquet of wildflowers, Velvet Splendour is bright, airy and radiant. It opens with zingy shades of mandarin and orange blossom, giving you summer vibes in abundance. Then, as it dries down you’ll experience a soothing duo of creamy sandalwood and velvety leather (AKA the real showstoppers here). We can’t stop sniffing this and smiling!