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Silky Woods Elixir | Goldfield & Banks

Silky Woods Elixir is a smoky and musky reawakening of Australian argarwood, one of the most mysterious and revered essences in perfumery. Meticulously crafted to reveal both the heart of the agarwood and its verdant foliage, this woody and gourmand perfume is for true connoisseurs.

Goldfield & Banks’ founder, Dimitri Weber, discovered the inspiration for Silky Woods, when he captured the essence of deep, verdant green rainforests and the captivating allure of oud in his inaugural Botanical Series fragrance in 2021. Silky Woods epitomises the essence of Australia's sensorial experience and celebrates the nation’s organic abundance of precious Australian agarwood by intertwining notes of suede, exotic vanilla, and smoky tobacco leaves with refined essences of saffron, incense, tropical ylang-ylang, and native Australian sandalwood.

Today, Goldfield & Banks invites you to venture deeper into this majestic rainforest in pursuit of Australian oud’s dark and excessive aroma with the launch of Silky Woods Elixir.

A new luxury fragrance for 2024.

The Botanical Series

Australia has one of the strongest national brands in the world, with a reputation for clean green products made and grown to high quality and safety standards.

The Botanical Series by Goldfield & Banks represents a quest for the ultimate Australian sensorial experience and a commitment to showcasing Australia’s world-leading expertise in botanical research and development. From Agarwood grown in the tropical Daintree Rainforest of its far north, to French lavender grown on the shores of Australia’s most southern coast, and South Pacific sandalwood processed in the wilds of Western Australia, the Botanical Series is a celebration of the pioneering Australian suppliers and growers who have made Australia the new frontier for cultivation of the world’s most prestigious perfume ingredients.

The sustainable Quality of New Australian essences represents an innovative and contemporary approach to harvesting high grade Australian oils. This showcases Australia's leading expertise in botanical research and development


While visiting the tropics and its argarwood plantations, Dimitri Weber was mesmerised by the complexity of the techniques in planting the trees, the methods involved in the harvest, and the expectation of the precious and unique argarwood oil. The first seeds of these trees were introduced to tropical North Queensland in 2007, and the first Australian grown organic argarwood harvest and processing commenced in late 2016.

Today, these rarefied agarwood roots delve deep into the fertile soil of the Australian landscape, absorbing the essence of the pristine Daintree environment and transforming it into a deeply rich and fragrant resin. Careful harvesting, extraction, and processing of the resin from this precious heartwood results in a captivating aroma; this Australian oud imbues ancient stories and natural wonders for a unique and distinctive scent profile characterised by earthen verdancy and smoky notes, with hints of sweet incense.

Dark and excessive, lush and enveloping, this is an oud like no other.


United in their unwavering passion for fragrance, Dimitri and esteemed master perfumers, Olivier Cresp and Hamid Merati Kashani, have embarked on a captivating olfactory journey with their latest collaborative masterpiece, Silky Woods Elixir, to celebrate the captivating allure of Australian oud. This sensual blend invites you to indulge in a sensorial journey like no other, through the depths of the ancient and mysterious Daintree Rainforest.


Silky Woods Elixir opens in flurry of green aromatics as verdant as the canopy of the agarwood groves where its essence is born. Heightened by the lushness of sun-ripened figs and the earthen verdure of fig leaves, an overdose of the hypnotic essence of Australian-grown agarwood from the world’s oldest rainforest flourishes, intensifying the depth of the composition, and painting it in rich shades of auburn and gold. Prized for centuries for its exquisite quality and rarity, the precious Oud Assafi elevates the Elixir with a lavish woodiness.

The animalic and ambery notes from the Oud Assafi combined with the Australian agarwood creates the ultimate luxurious and complex Oud experience on your skin. Against this resounding intensity, iris root lends its soft touch, taming the bitter effect of the fig leaves, with rose lending an exquisite floral dimension to the perfume’s burgeoning heart. As the Elixir deepens, Tolu balsam weaves a rich tapestry, infusing warmth, and complexity into a gourmand base of oud, saffron, musk, and oakmoss.