Sustainable scent labels, explained: from vegan to responsibly sourced

 Words by: Lauren Carbran    |    Estimated reading time: 3mins



Fine fragrance labels making your head spin? We’re here to make sense of sustainability. All hail your guilt-free scent glossary…


If a fine fragrance is vegan, this means it doesn’t feature a trace of animal-derived ingredients like honey, beeswax, musk (although nowadays, a synthetic version can be replicated) and ambergris. Bonus, vegan scents are cruelty-free too.

Spritz this vegan powerhouse... OBVIOUS | Un Bois Eau de Parfum



We love a cruelty-free label, which implies that the product hasn’t been tested on animals. Seek out a cruelty-free fragrance to make you feel and do good.

Inhale this calming, cruelty-free candle... Saint Fragrance London | Late Night Fig


A green fragrance comprises of natural ingredients that don’t contain nasty chemicals or impact the environment. The term might also refer to the symphony of natural, outdoorsy aromas such as leaves, grass and tea leaves that let off a crisp, vegetal scent. 

Spritz this green gem... Goldfield & Banks | Pacific Rock Moss Perfume Concentrate


Pick an eco-friendly fine fragrance – these don’t harm the environment in the production process, so it’s a big thumbs up from us. These planet-friendly scents are usually boxed in recyclable packaging, have a low carbon footprint and include ethically-sourced raw materials.

Spritz this eco-friendly elixir... OBVIOUS | Un Patchouli Eau de Parfum


Seeking a fragrance that’s safe for the environment and your skin? Look out for the clean label. This means that only the most natural perfume notes were chosen in the making of the formula. And when synthetic ingredients are included, ‘clean’ also indicates that they’re safe and sustainable.

Spritz this clean concoction... Goldfield & Banks | Southern Bloom Perfume Concentrate


It’s time to get friendly with refillable fragrances. We challenge you not to love these sustainable scents, which can be replenished once you finish your bottle. The benefit? Less bottles going into landfill, reduced CO2 emissions and a happier bank balance too. 

Spritz this refillable fragrance hero... OBVIOUS | Une Vanille Eau de Parfum


Just as you’d expect, a recyclable perfume can be converted to waste in order to be reused. Not only does this conserve natural resources and protect ecosystems and environments, but it also saves energy and reduces the demand for raw materials. If you’re into recycling, it’s time to sift out recyclable scents. 

Try this chic, recyclable candle... Saint Fragrance London | Balearic Isle


Biodegradable scents should be on your radar. These incorporate fermented, natural ingredients that can be decomposed of and returned to nature. Clever, huh? We’re sold. 

Spritz this biodegradable beauty... OBVIOUS | Une Rose Eau de Parfum


Upcycled fragrances feature notes derived from discarded natural ingredients and waste, such as fruit, flowers and wood. This circular process means the same materials are regenerated, so no useful ingredient is wasted. 

Spritz this upcycled blend... La Maison J.U.S | Rosamonda Eau de Parfum