The Original Eau de Parfum
The Original Eau de Parfum
The Original Eau de Parfum
The Original Eau de Parfum

The Original Eau de Parfum

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Top notes
Heart notes
Base Notes

Pink Pepper

Violet Leaves
Dried Wood


The most exclusive perfume created by Albert Fouquet exemplifies chic sophistication.

Designed for both men and women alike, this classic scent is suitable for a modern-day aristocrat.

Rosy notes of Pink Pepper blended with the subtle spice of Cardamom and garnished with the zesty hint of Lemon, evoke a contemporary tone; while notes of Labdanum emit an intricacy reminiscent of the sweet, fruity, woody aromas of twentieth century Paris. Amber and Sandalwood undertones accentuate the warmth of this refined scent.

Albert Fouquet was part of elite French society in the early twentieth century and a perfume connoisseur, creating and perfecting various essences for his own use, aided by Philippe, the family butler. One night during his summer vacation on the Côte d'Azur in 1937, Albert met and got on very well with John, a young American student who was touring France in a convertible.

John was captivated by the scent Albert was wearing and persuaded him to part with a sample. On returning to Paris, Albert received a letter from John informing him of the popularity of his fragrance in the US and asking for eight more samples, “...and, if your production allows, another one for Bob”.

John F. Kennedy had set the ball rolling for EIGHT & BOB, however, the formulas were nearly lost in WWII, saved only by Philippe's idea of hiding bottles inside books and shipping them to his family to prevent the Nazis from seizing them. Decades later, thanks to Philippe's family, the formulas and their production processes had been recovered and Eight & Bob has once again become one of the most exclusive names in the fragrance world. It actually has a limited (and variable) production each year due to a scarcity of "Andrea", the plant whose extracts are the soul of Albert's original cologne.

The exclusive cologne comes presented in a hardcover book, its packaging a nod to how the sought after fragrance was shipped out of France during World War II.


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