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Fragrance Notes

Moss & Cedarwood


We all remember moments of happiness associated with an interior, at home, in a family home or in an unknown or mysterious place. The J.U.S candle collection is a layering of selected moments from everyday homes and spaces. They fill the spaces of our lives with their unique and sensory scents.

For the PATINE candle, Alexis Dadier has imagined a wall of a thousand shades of varnish, allowing our imagination to take off on an unreal journey, an unknown planet, an elsewhere of beauty. The whole room is an enveloping fog of colors and and drawings. Everything seems intertwined, yet each element is singular... The magic of a motionless movement.

As we approach this room, the familiar scent of "patine" gradually permeates. It exhales ample, warm and woody notes, with accents of resin and wax. The atmosphere is soft and warm.

Olfactive description: Warm, Woody, Soft

Wax type: Mineral*

Burning time: 60 hours

Alexis Dadier

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Housed in Pop-Art bottles, La Maison J.U.S scents are just as bold as they look.

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