Villa Neroli Eau de Parfum
Villa Neroli Eau de Parfum
Villa Neroli Eau de Parfum
Villa Neroli Eau de Parfum

Villa Neroli Eau de Parfum

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Top notes
Heart notes
Base Notes
Verdelli lemon
Neroli essence
Petit-grain essence 
Orange blossom absolute
Rose absolute 
Vanilla absolute
Labdanum resinoide

Alongside Citrus Riviera and Sel d’Argent, Villa Néroli is the third opus in the Azur Collection: all three a tribute to different Mediterranean landscapes.

Evoking memories of beautiful summer moments with friends, close to the sea, in the hills of the island of Capri, Villa Néroli is the celebration of joy, Dolce Vita style. Orange blossom absolute and Tunisian neroli combine at the centre of this fragrance, capturing evenings when the sun has set and the air is full of honeyed sweetness.

The acidic freshness and citrus impression at the top of Villa Néroli is quickly replaced by the denser, fleshier orange blossom absolute. Its honeyed facets echo the Bulgarian rose at the heart of the fragrance. Villa Néroli captures the warmth of summer days full of possibilities and evenings full of freshness and optimism.

A Mediterranean olfactory, Villa Néroli captures your first trip to Capri: a trip when time stood still.

"I imagined a garden of orange trees in Capri, a garden of abundance overlooking the Faraglioni, thousand-year-old rocks eroded by the wind, the rain and the sea. When the sun is barely down, this garden takes on an air of honeyed sweetness." Alexandra Carlin - Perfumer

"When I first discovered Capri, I had the strange and fascinating sensation that time had stopped. Walking on the heights of the island, under the light of the setting sun, I could see sumptuous villas. In their alleys, the bigaradiers give off their fragrant scent. For me, it is like a solar joy, between optimism and serenity. This new creation from the Collection Azur is an invitation to live the dolce vita." David Benedek - Founder BDK Parfums

Alexandra Carlin

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