Rouge Smoking Hair Perfume

Rouge Smoking Hair Perfume

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Top notes
Heart notes
Base Notes
Bergamot from Italy
Cherry accord
Pink berries
Black vanilla
Tonka bean
White musk

A warm facet with the powdery and sweet notes and on the other hand, a fresh facet with the spicy notes, Rouge Smoking is inspired by a woman who lives in Pigalle in Paris and with a strong taste for fashion. 

The hair perfume delicately perfumes and gives softness to the touch and a silky effect.

The formula is composed of silk proteins which improve the hydration and elasticity of the hair while giving it a glossy finish. Vegetable glycerin protects the hair fiber. Silk has long been known in Asia for its benefits in hair care. Nicknamed the “princess” of fibers, it provides a crystalline structure which enhances the hair’s hold.

Use: Apply to the mid-lengths and ends of the hair.

Serge Majoullier

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BDK Parfums is a niche fragrance house paying homage to France’s most charming spots and resident fashionistas.

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